Luc R. (Baseball Pro Athlete)

"After being introduced to MAT and following my progressional strength training program, I now know what it feels like to have my body firing on full cylinders. I have never felt more balanced and strong, which has directly translated into my performance on the mound this season."

Laurie S.

The results I received with Adrian's training allowed me to reach my personal best in several sporting events. His knowledge of the body and how to strengthen not only your core but all the inter-connective tissues that surround the major muscle groups makes all the difference. He continues to educate himself and his clients with new and techniques and effective training methods. Inspiring to work with, he has a winning smile as he works your A.... off! The Best of The Best!

Jessica J. (Business & Fitness Expert)

I hired Adrian to be one of my personal trainers when I was leading the Ultrafit Six Week Challenges at Frog's Club One in Encinitas, CA. He was excellent. All of our clients loved his workouts. They were creative and always got them really sore in all the right areas! I would highly recommend Adrian as your personal trainer. He really cares and takes the time with all of his clients!Jessica

Carson M. (Baseball Athlete, USA Teams)

Adrian is not only amazing at what he does, he's  an amazing, kind, and caring person. My son experienced discomfort in his shoulder blade area to the point where it hurt to breathe as he was walking up and down stairs 

 Within two visits, he was pain free, had more shoulder rotation movement than he's ever had before, and is healthier, stronger, and more flexible than he's ever been. 

We also believe Adrian's proactive approach to injury prevention will help my son for years to come and that he is largely responsible for the noticeably increased velocity on my son's his fastball. Adrain, simply is the best!

Anthony V. (Fitness Expert)

Adrian Van der Walt is a true professional constantly staying well ahead of the curve through education and practice. His approach is holistic in scope and extremely rich in depth. With absolute sincerity and an individual attention, Adrian's clients reach maximal levels of health, performance, and enjoyment in their fitness pursuits.

Pamela M. (Wedding & Bridal Show)

Working with Adrian is always a phenomenal experience for me. One of the hardest things about getting in shape is keeping motivated and Adrian's astounding level of motivation, persistence and confidence as a personal trainer helped me get though the toughest days when I did not want to do anything at all! And I am very stubborn.But I feel that it is actually Adrian's kindness, intelligence and integrity which makes him the perfect coach for any aspect in life where one wants to push through to a higher level, because Adrian has the talent of being able to go beyond the focus on physical health, self-esteem and well being, to help anyone garner results that can heal their whole life.

Jason P. (Discover Card)

Adrian is one of the most dedicated people I know. His high moral character and desire to be the best at everthing he does makes him a force in business and in his personal life.I've known Adrian for more than a decade and know of nobody else that maintains a better balance of commitment to his work and his personal life. As a professional he is the benchmark. As a person, there is absolutely nobody better.

Max W. (Author & Fitness Model)

Adrian has been a dependable resource of fitness and training information to me in my endeavors to author a fitness and fat-loss book and launch a health company. We share and compare training strategies and regularly discuss exercise physiology and nutrition.

Teresa M.

I dont like gyms, weights, working out, etc...but the time had come! I had to do something but I had no idea where to start. My husband and I were given Adrians name from the fitness equipment store, Busy body, where we purchased our gym equipment. Adrian came highly recommended by the entire staff. Adrian is completly professional, thorough, knowledgable, and customized a program for me that has given me the results I would never have achieved on my own. I would highly recommend Adrian and his services to anyone looking for real results.

Chris H. (Realtor)

Adrian, has done a great job working with me and I continue to get the results that I want.

Eileen W. (Entrepreneur & Business Builder)

Adrian is a great trainer. He knows how to keep me moving towards my goals. His is Fun, Creative, and always Positive! I appreciate him very much and have increased my training to twice a week.

Stephen H. (Chiropractor & Wellness Dr.)

Adrian is a master of his trade. His knowledge of the human body and how to create strength, balance, and health is unmatched by any fitness professional that I have experienced. He has a holistic approach to helping people reach and exceed their health and fitness goals, and it is evident in his training programs. I am so excited to be training with such an amazing teacher. I encourage everyone to experience his philosophy and his work. Thank you Adrian, for pushing me in the direction I know I have always wanted to go, but didn't know how.