Why do we need Corrective Exercise?

Foot and Ankle Injuries

  • Plantar fasciitis accounts for more than 1 million Doctor visits per year, and ankle sprain’s are reported to be the most common sports injury today. With having ankle springs a person is more likely to develop chronic ankle instability and also knee and hip weakness.

Lower Back Pain

  • Nearly 80% of all athletes experience lower back pain. Research has also shown that most injuries occur in the lower back (lumbar spine) at around 60% in the other 20% is in the core.

Knee Injuries

  • There is an estimated 80,000 to 100,000 ACL injuries occurring every year in the US alone. Amazingly, around 75% are through noncontact. Anytime you have ACL or any other joint related injury the chance of arthritis increases and will cause additional irritation and discomfort in that joint. This comes as no shock as increased obesity and lack of activities coupled with Technology have reduced the amount of physical activities in the US.

Shoulder Injuries

  • 21% of the US population have reported I’m having shoulder pain with 40% of that lasting over one year. From that 21% shoulder impingement has been a majority of the medical diagnosis at 65%. Just like with any other joint irritation the chance of arthritis, cartlidge and tendinitis can occur through poor shoulder mechanics. With most of the population using iPhones and laptops this puts the body in an unstable position closing imbalances and increase musculoskeletal issues.