What is Muscle Activation Techniques® (MAT®)?

Muscle Activation Techniques®, founded by Greg Roskopf, is a biomechanically based process that is used to assess and address muscle imbalances. It helps you to feel stronger and more stable, move more freely, recover faster, and perform at a higher level.

What should I wear?

Any training and fitness clothing is preferred, but any non-restrictive clothes that allow you to move comfortably and freely and a “massage table” will be fine!

How do I prepare for a MAT® session?

Plan on arriving 5-10 min early. Make sure you have water and you are hydrated. You will have a change if necessary and use the restroom before session time begins. Sit in the waiting area, and we will be out to greet you.

How long are MAT® sessions?

The initial assessment session is 90 minutes, while regular appointments are anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes.

How many MAT® sessions are recommended?

This amount of sessions are based on a few things.  We will look at your starting point and where you need to be. This helps determine the length of sessions and frequency of appointments.

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