Adrian Van der Walt

Hi, my name is Adrian Van der Walt, and I am the owner and operator of Train Smart Method in San Diego.  I have worked on many athletes from high school to NFL, Professional Soccer, Professional Baseball and I Specialize in Athletic Performance & Recovery in San Diego.

I grew up in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) and South Africa, and that was where I fell in love with the body's ability to produce power while maintaining stability.  I played a variety of sports which included rugby, gymnastics, swimming, track and field, field hockey as well as a variety of other sports.

I was fortunate to have the chance to come to the USA in 1991 and started to pursue a fitness career.  I had to visit all of my idol’s gym's which included the famous Venice Beach gym.  

Soon after beginning my career, I realized there was a big disconnect between what was being taught and how our bodies were being affected.  There was too much emphasis on being able to push a lot of weight without seeing whether the joints are stable enough to do it.  When starting evaluations of my clients, I noticed many of them had rotator cuff, lower back, knee and other issues which affected their overall health. At this point, I started to research how to increase strength and stability without negatively impacting the joint.  

With my extensive studies in Performance and Corrective Exercise, I found there was not a fast process to increase the bodies function.  That was until I discovered Muscle Activation Techniques® (MAT®).  MAT® put merely, can reset how your muscle is firing in a very short time so you can get back to training - all while increasing muscle function, joint stability, and overall Athletic performance.

Now after several years of being a MAT® practitioner, I am pleased with the results and so are my clients.  MAT® combined with my years as a Performance Trainer has allowed me to stabilize, increase performance and endurance of all my clients.  I can increase the longevity of my older athletes careers as well as help younger athletes to reach their goals.